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Sunshine in the winter

This morning I woke up to snow! Beautiful as it may be, by afternoon – my coffee isn’t able to keep the chill out of the studio. So I am resorting to re-visiting the photos from one of my favorite weddings. Melissa and Minh just happened to choose one of the hottest days of the year for their wedding. Luckily – no one melted (not even the cake)!
Can you tell that Melissa is a dancer?

We created a bridal bouquet of solid gardenias! The fragrance was just intoxicating. But even with all those blooms – a sister steals the whole show!
Evrim Icoz was the photographer and as always he captured the event beautifully. I love this reflection image.

The De Soto Rooftop garden is one of the absolute best places to have a wedding in all of Portland. The view opens up to the city on one side and the green trees of the Park blocks on the other. As night falls the light dances though the space – it’s magical. Go visit them:

Ahhhh summer…

The wedding ceremony was held under a trellis draped in sheer linen and string of blooms that filtered the sunlight beautifully.

Visit Evrim Icoz to see more of his inspiring work:
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